Friday, 31 December 2010

xlambat kan ?

i'm not too late right ?

too late to say SELAMAT TAHUN BARU CINA or HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you ! may god bless u all . =)

anyway , thank you for make me happy, sad, laughing and laughing, crying, smiling alone and all of it ! thank you very muchh !

i love myself , i love my mother , i love my father , i love my fmily , i love my boyfriend , i love all my friends n enemie , i love my sibbling , i love elder sisters and brothers , i love facebook , i love this blog , i love my computer , i love 2010 but i have to let it go . . ( mcm ABPBH lak )

thank you guys for all the memories that u have been created with me . . thank you for make me feel very very appreciated .

goodbye my dear 2010 and welcome dear 2011 !

too long to waiting before the new year right ? let see this video !

Hitler Mad Indonesia Lost

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